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Heya! Call me Yoni. Small talk isn't exactly my strong suit, so I won't be giving any long winded descriptions about myself or what I do. So, to keep it short and sweet:

Things that I like include, but are not limited to:

- Video Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Atelier, Golden Sun, Monster Rancher Assassin's Creed, Megaman, Kirby, Yume Nikki, the list goes on...)
- Anime (Action/Adventure, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, with the occasional Slice of Life and Romantic Comedy/Drama)
- Origami
- Relaxing Music
- Cheese and Crackers


Favourite genre of music: Folk-Rock
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
Personal Quote: "Time to hit the hackey."
Tagged by eloisejude

1) What’s your favourite art work?

If it's my own you're talking about, that would be  this:
 TASTY ARROW! by diskfire
It looks better in person.

2) Why do you create art?

Eh, I don't call what I do "art". I just do what I like. ^^;

3) Favorite Genre?

Movies - Adventure
Games - RPGs
Music - Folk Rock

4) Favorite Comic/Webcomic/Manga Series?

Not really big on comics, but I suppose Garfield would by my all-time favorite.

5) If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?

The ability to get things done right on my first try.

6) Favorite food :D (Big Grin)?

Shish-Kabob. :icondroolplz:

7) Video Games? If yes what platform and if no why?

Heck yeah. I actually like handheld games better than home console games.
Gambeboy Advance is still my favorite.

8) Fast Food

I appreciate a good Calzone every now and then.

9) What is your dream project?

Don't know what you mean by project, but I'm not much of a dreamer, anyway.
Heck, I'm more of a daydreamer. :XD:

10) What's your biggest fear or dislike?

  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: Pokemon Crystal (Nuzlocke)

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Happy belated birthday, Yoni! :HanrattyBirthday: Have your cake and eat it too 
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Thank ya, man. :highfive:
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