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Heya! Call me Yoni. Small talk isn't exactly my strong suit, so I won't be giving any long winded descriptions about myself or what I do. So, to keep it short and sweet:

Things that I like include, but are not limited to:

- Video Games (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Atelier, Golden Sun, Monster Rancher Assassin's Creed, Megaman, Kirby, Yume Nikki, the list goes on...)
- Anime (Action/Adventure, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, with the occasional Slice of Life and Romantic Comedy/Drama)
- Origami
- Relaxing Music
- Cheese and Crackers


Favourite genre of music: Folk-Rock
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
Personal Quote: "Time to hit the hackey."

Been forever and a day since I've done anything here, eh? Can't have the best of both worlds, I s'pose. Got through me first year of pharmacy school, and boy do I feel good about myself.Killed the first half of my summer with video games (Bravely second and Kirby Planet Robobot, to be precise), and the second half is being spent in an internship. Whoopee, learning stuff about my future! :iconlawooplz:

But to take a small break from real life, here's some memes.

Tagged by Mister-Saturn

1. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
2. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
3. Literally tag 13 people
4. You can't say you don't do tags
5. Tag backs are allowed
6. You must make a journal entry
7. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says
8. Be creative with the title!

Haha, silly rules.

Stuff about moi:

1: I mostly wear blues and greys.
2: I've got very flexible arms.
3: In contrast, I have very inflexible legs.
4: Mentioned this up top, I'm currently studying as a pharmacy student. 3 years to graduation. :iconsuperw00tplz:
5: Though I somewhat expected it, I'm still very disappointed in what Pokemon Go turned out to become.
6: Speaking of, the first time I ever completed the National Pokedex was in Pokemon X.
7: I love the Bravely series, but I still felt a tinge of disappointment when <SPOILERS> The ending to Bravely Second hinted at another title...</SPOILERS>
8: This may sound surprising, but I actually like standalone video game titles better than most series titles. Still, doesn't mean I don't love plenty of games from the latter.
9: My favorite dessert food is Cheesecake.
10: Favorite singer of ALL TIME is Billy Joel.
11: I have a tendency to create nicknames for people in my head and not use them.
12: I also create "nicknames" for food on the dinner table. If I ask you for the "lawyers", pass the avocado (the Spanish word for lawyer is "avogado" :XD:). 
13: I love dad jokes and groan-inducing puns.

Le questions for moi:

1. What is your favorite character you've ever created (if you have any, if not then tell me a favorite character)?
-Picking one favorite is tough, but to make a random selection, Bass from the Megaman series is pretty awesome.

2. What is your favorite song?

-"River of Dreams" by Billy Joel

3. Favorite beverage?
-Chocolate Milk

4. Would you prefer living in the big city or the middle of nowhere?
-The country sounds real nice, but I'm a city boy at heart.

5. The REAL question. Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft?
- Little bit of Nintendo, little bit of Sony. No Microsoft for me, unless we're talking computers.

6. The REALER question. Are you a squid or a kid? Or BOTH?
- :iconserioussquidwardplz:

7. What is your favorite indie game?
- Touhou 9, even though I suck at it. :iconotlplz:

8. How much do you draw in a week?
- 0.000000001 pictures

9. Rain or sun?
- Depends on whether or not I had any plans to go out that day.

10. If you play Smash, who do you main? If you don't then who would you want to main?
- Villager is my top dog. I also love using R.O.B. and Meta Knight because :iconomgitspinsplz:.

11. How good are you at coming up with questions? Cause I'm not good.
- Then we in the same boat.

12. Favorite ice cream?
- Cookies and Cream.

13. Am I done yet?
-You'd better be. :iconseriousstareplz:

Meme #2, stolen from Kiyomi-chan16

1 Write your name and/or username vertically.

2 Write one game/show/movie etc. Character beginning with each letter.

3 Tag a few of your friends and ask them to do this same thing.

Dangerous Dave (I will be extremely surprised if anyone knows who that is)

Illidan Stormrage

Seto Kaiba

King K. Rool


Ines Lorenzen

Raphael (The ninja turtle)

Ed :iconed-plz:
  • Reading: Courtney Crumrin


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